Bloomsday 2011


“The Other Irish Holiday”

Everyone knows THE main Irish holiday is on March 17th. But there is another ‐ Bloomsday ‐ celebrated each year on June 16th.

Bloomsday celebrates the single day that’s chronicled in Irish author James Joyce’s famous novel Ulysses. If you haven’t read the book, don’t worry (or bother) – not many people can get through its 265,000 words. What you need to know is that the novel follows Leopold Bloom’s stream‐of‐consciousness wanderings through one single extraordinary day on June 16th 1904 in Dublin Ireland.

Leo is out on the town because his wife Molly Bloom is “entertaining” a gentleman back home – and Leo knows about it. He tries to make himself scarce by wandering through Dublin restaurants, pubs, a funeral, a brothel, and winds up in “Nighttown” – Dublin’s Red Light District. After a long, weird day, he heads back home to Molly – where she gets the last word in the novel. The novel was very controversial in its day, and it remains a pretty extreme piece of literature.

What’s important is that Bloomsday is now celebrated every year in Dublin (and around the world) during the week leading up to June 16th, and Molly Bloom’s Irish Pub is bringing the Bloomsday Bash to Canada!

Join us for food specials, Guinness pints, Bushmills or Black Bush Irish Whiskey, Irish music and some great prizes, as we pay tribute to our pub’s namesake: Molly Bloom ‐ a singer, adulterer, and a smart, strong, focused modern woman!